Friday, February 6, 2009

Trifecta, a fistfight and Juuuuuuuulius. Now that's the way you start a season

First off, I would like to add that the fine old 3-0 butt-whuppin' of FC What's-the-name-of-that-team-again? we saw this morning was one fantastic way to begin a season. It had everything, total domination, a nice goal from Juuuuuulius James (channeling my inner J. Fred Duckett here) to start his Dyna-career and a fist-flyin' brouhaha in the third half (not to mention having a third half!).

Dynamo has posted the official game story here, and it's a nice read (not to least of which because it names names for the other team, of which I only knew numbers).

But having my notepad with me, I took notes throughout the game (old writer's habit) and am sharing them now.

Not seeing much of the new kit. I'm wearing mine, but, HEY, the players' practice jerseys. Two blue sleeves. Haven't seen that look before. If it had the two stars on it, I'd be all over that. Ah well.

Wade's hair. Yes!!! Captain Elvis.

watching Holden run laps before the game I'm reminded of how pro athletes are not like you and me. If I had a quad injury I definitely would NOT be running laps at a field. I'd be going "Oomph. Ow!" and then sit down.

Corey Ashe is sitting watching practice. Why? Is he hurt?

Ooh, getting ready for the game. Dario Sala is jawing with Bandido and Bandida here. All fun and games.

Until now. I just caught site of those candy-striped kits and wow. Feel that blood pressure rise!

El Battalon is in the house! Drumming and chanting. Great. Wave of sound overtakes me as they're right behind me. Boy, that's a sound I missed.


Barrett(On the left wing!!!)-- Davis-Mulrooney-Mullan

I guess you could say the Dynamo are Mulling it over in the right midfield. Ha. Ha.

Nice try early for KK. Open net.Bad angle. Cross to no one and out.

Rocha fouls from the opening. No surprise there!

Richietti is his usual whining self. Pablo's pablum.

Mully cross into Wondo. IT'S IN!!!!

1-0 to the good guys

Remind me which one of these teams has been training since Jan. 21? We're kicking their asses all over the field.

FC Worthless

Midfield back and forth. Rocha fouls again. How do you say "a-hole" in Portuguese?

Bozzie hard foul on Dallas No. 9. Nice payback.

Another chance. Wade on the left, (should have shot), passes to KK in center. Burse saves.

Davis corner. Found Waibel's noggin!!! It's IN!!!

2-0 and it looks like this isn't done yet.

5 shots, 3 on goal, 2 in the net to Dynamo
All zeroes for Dallas.

Long ball. Damn it Wondo! Break to goal! Think!

Dallas shot. Weak. Off target Left.

Mully cross to Wondo, shot, wide left.

6-3-2 Dynamo
1-0-0 Dallas

Hey anotehr weak FCD shot. Is that all they've got. On target this time, but it dribble to Onstad.

6-3-2 Dyn
2-1-0 Dal

Action in the box. Bad communication. Pass back to Dallas. Arrgghh. Missed opportunity.

Goo pressure. Chance. Chance. Chance. Keep it up.

Dallas has no coordination, no communication. Is this really a professional team? Wow, they look terrible.

First Dale, Dale chant!!
Wow. That feels good.

Lower bowl about 2/3-3/4 full on our side. Looks about the same number of people who REGULARLY attend dallas games in Pizza Hut Park. Nice crowd.


Second half start. Same Lineup for Kinnear.
Dallas has Serious now.

Quick corner. Nothing. Pressure still on.

Anotehr corner. Nothing. Pressure STILL on.
Mullan cross. Wondo heads it in BURSE KICK SAVE!!!!

Whoa. Another corner.

GOAL!!! Mulrooney sent it over to far post. Bozzie sent it back and Julius James heads it in!

3-0 us.

Another bad touch for KK

Waibel gets away with a hand ball just outside the box.

Dave Van Den Bergh brings the pressure up the left. Waibel fouls him to stop. Had to do that. Gets a yellow. Deserved that.

VDB takes the free kick. Ugh. Terrible. Ugly. Did you do that in New York all this time Dave? Weak shot from -- is that mcCarty? -- fro distance. Wide right.

8-5-3 Dynamo
3-1-0 Dallas

No. 27 for Dallas (name?) is one large human. A forward.

Some Dallas pressure.

Back the other way. Another corner for Dynamo. Still no corners from Dallas all game yet.

Dallas the other way. No. 27. Weak shot with Waibel on his back. All he could manage really. Rt. to Onstad.

8-5-3 Dynamo
4-2-0 Dallas

El Batallon insulting Dario Sala in Spanish chants. Hilarious.

Man, Kinnear doesn;t even sub in friendly blowouts. This is the same group that started the game.

Mully working along the side. Another corner.
Sala deflects away. Nice move Dario.

Serious yellow for big foul on Julius James. Foiled a breakout. Bummer.

This is just an old-fashioned ass-kickin'. Men against boys.

More Dallas pressure. McCarty weak header right at Onstad

8-5-3 Dynamo
5-3-0 Dallas

All three of Dallas on target shots weak and easily handled)

Nice run up the left KK. Run. Run Run. SHOT!
Sala deflects it high. Sala is the only FCD player showing any signs of a pulse at all.

At all.

Dynamo 9-6-3
Dallas 5-3-0


Finally a few subs. Here's the structure

Eric Quill-- JM Hayden--Mulrooney--Mullan
Stephen Wondolowski--Andrew Hainault--Julius James--Chabala
Tally Hall

Juuuuulius gets a yellow. What a bad call. What the heck is that?


Mullan and Brek Shea. Shea was clearly holding Mullan down with his forearm. Bad move dude. Mullan comes up swinging! Does he connect? I think so.

Everyone's out on the field now! Pulling them off of each other. Man, Mully's pissed. Shea doesn't seem to know what's happening. Yelling back weakly.

Both ejected. Shea's going back to his position. Does he even know what state he's in? Dude, exit's over there.

A fight in a preseason friendly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Amazing. And here I thought it was just the fans that didn't like each other. This is great. :>

Midfield, midfield, midfield. No chances either way.

Whoops. Wrote too soon. S. Wondo chip. Right at Sala.

10-7-3 Dynamo
5-3-0 Dallas

Dallas pressure. Hainault clears.

Richietti fouls. Whines. Like a broken record.

Drew Moor almost an own goal on a back header. Sala letting him hear it. That's the closest thing to a goal I've seen generated from Dallas all morning.

Hayden intercepts again. Nice defensive instincts there.

Cross to Eric Quill. SHOT! ON A ONE TOUCH

11-7-3 Dynamo
5-3-0 Dallas

Another Hayden pick. Quick feet on that kid.

Chabala give and go cross. Nothing.

Dynamo pressuring up the left.


12-7-3 Dynamo
5-3-0 Dallas

Cameron on for Barrett, who came back to replace Mullan after the fight.

Still can't believe there was a fight. That's hilarious.

Boy, Cameron has some nice moves over there. Three times he's gotten out of jams and headed straight upfield along the right flank.

KK SHOT!!!! Sala juuuuuust deflected wide left. Another corner.

No corners for Dallas at all.

Sala punches out. Another long cross back in. Just too tall.

13-8-3 Dynamo by my count
5-3-0 Dallas


3-0 Dynamo. Nice way to start the preseason.


Martek said...

One more thing. I especially liked watching Julius James carry the bag of balls out to the field before the game. "Hey Rook. There's the bag. You know what to do."

Anonymous said...

Orange Julius

Martek said...

Orange Julius! THE PERFECT HEADLINE!!!!!! Awesome.

playtherapy said...

Great write-up- felt I was there.

I would check under the hood and car for any Candy Striper car bombs though. Some of those fellas might take the "FC Worthless" to heart.

Maybe Dallas needs a hint of Ruiz and Denilson to give them a little flair- eh?