Friday, February 27, 2009

Dynamo's Deric signing raises a few questions (for me at least)

The player signing today of course was Dynamo Academy keeper Tyler Deric, shown with his mom right there on the Dynamo Web site. (Dynamo's release here.)

Now I am not one to downplay the value of signing a Dynamo Academy guy. First homegrown player. Nice. (Stewart Holden was actually first Greater Houstonian to play for Dynamo as he went to Awty and his family lives in Sugar Land. But no need to quibble here.)

But there are a couple of questions this brings up, not the least of which is why the team is loading up so much in the back? Deric's signing as a third string keeper means that he probably will not see much, if any time with the team this year. In fact, unless Dynamo were to loan him out (to the USL? Maybe Houston Leones? That brings up the whole related topic of developmental needs, the role of the USL, etc. etc. A post for another time.), he'd probably have seen more action with Dynamo Academy now that the Reserve League is kaput.

If they sign eventually sign Canadian Andrew Hainault, then that's a mighty crowded back line. Starter quality and ready to play players include: Captain Wademerica, Boswell, Eddie Robinson, Richard Mulrooney, Orange Julius, Hainault, Craig Waibel and Mike Chabala. That is eight, people! Now factor in three keepers and suddenly you see a big crowd back there.

So I have to wonder, what are the talent firm of Luck, Canetti and Kinnear up to here? I think there are a number of factors at play.

First, instead of wishing and hoping for a player at the position you want (uhhh, that would be forward), you sign the guys you can. So Messrs' Deric and (probably, according to Glenn Davis) Hainault, here are your orange jerseys.

Second, these are all quality players and easily starters. There are too many. Which means, some individual or combo can be traded without sacrificing the needs of the team at the time of the trade. Hard calls there. Which of that group gets dealt? Chabala? James? Deric? Tally Hall? What do you think?

Third, or perhaps someone gets released to make way for the forward we'll eventually need. Same question: Who are the candidates?

Fourth, and this is an unpleasant thought. With call-ups throughout the year likely coming for Brian Ching, Rico Clark and possibly Stewart Holden and Kei Kamara, is Dynamo going to be forced into a double down play for the 0-0 or the 1-0 win on a counter strategy. That could get snore-ific real quick.

What do you think?

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playtherapy said...

Considering Onstad's age, I have no problem at all with this signing.