Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quickie review of Dynamo-Atlante

El Naranja over on Dynamo Planet has posted what I think is the finest analysis I've seen of last night's 1-1 draw at Robertson Stadium. (Read that here.)

I think my favorite part of EN's piece is this (though I encourage you to link over there and read it all) is this:

Really, though, I cam away from this game gutted but very optimistic. For MLS. Julius showed lots of smart play out there, our defense was solid. Our midfield was first class, as usual, and Kei and Ching had their moments. If rumors of Omar Bravo coming to Houston are true, or another strong striker, than we will be a very, very good team. This is certainly a team that can do well and win a trophy or two (or three?) this season.

In regards to this game, there isn't much to say, really. We killed them from the 15-45 mark and fell asleep around 60 onwards.

Say hello to the start of the soccer season, MLS fans.

I couldn't agree with El Naranja's assessment more. That stretch from 15-45 was truly inspiring, and if THAT'S an indication of what's to come this season, then look out.

As I was saying to Mister3D after the game, it's hard to argue with the result as it was clear that Atlante deserved a goal by the end. What I argue about was the phantom call that led to the corner kick to begin with. That was absolutely a goal kick and out on an Atlante player. Terrible, terrible call that led to their goal.

And that is the last you will hear me complain about calls. Refs' calls are like birds: Some fly towards you, some away and you only remember the ones that either have pretty colors or poop on the car you just washed. As Sparky Anderson once said, "Don't put yourself in a position where the Ump can take it away from you." And that was what Dynamo and their preseason conditioning did.

Taking the long view, as EN did, it's hard not to feel optimistic. In a more immediate look, one week from now Dynamo will be that much more conditioned. The mentally soft Atlante will be that much more confident and I give the only team in the history of MLS to get a point against a Mexican team in Mexico a 50-50 shot at quadrupling that total. And that is an amazing thing to say, when you come to think about it.

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