Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well, that was fast.

I was kind of hoping for a Dynamo/Columbus final to have the last three champs facing off But wouldn't you know it, the Crew pulled an epic fail, losing a one goal advantage.

At home.

To the worst road team in the league.

Worse than NYRB.

Let THAT sink in.

Bye, bye Massive Bananas.

"Maybe with a few scary moments."

Maybe some prescience there. But with this one, I leave no doubt

"Crew will have to pretty much fall over..."

Thank you Frankie Hey Dude, for making that right.

Too bad my scoreline prediction wasn't as prescient. Oh well.

The highlights are up at now. Check out the three RSL goals. On the first two, both were directly the result of Hejduk screw-ups. And the best thing was that right before RSL scored the first one, Harkes was going on about what a great game Hey Dude was having! HAH!

Oh, one other thing now. If the Revs dispatch the Fire, New England will HOST the Eastern finals.

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