Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great moments in Seattle history

1. Not technically in Seattle, but you don't have to cast a wide net to get this one:

2. Check out these crowds below. Here's a team made mostly famous from Jim Bouton's stories of drugs and debauchery in Ball Four:

3. This courtesy of James Cooke:

4. The 2001 Seattle Mariners

Regular season: 116-46
Playoffs: 4-6


5. The unSuper Oklahoma City Thunder.

And in that same vein:

6. November 8, 2009

And in case any of you think this is unfair: Try this link, courtesy of the always-excellent Bill Archer.

Or, just read this excerpt (but don't east first):

"We all know that Seattle is the center of MLS soccer, that no other city supports its team like this one, that Seattle has set attendance records and every game was sold out this year. And that other MLS towns like to hate on that, like this city is afforded special status because of the support for the team or something ridiculous.

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