Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ljungberg the ljoser just will not shut up

Check this out from Freddy Ljungberg's blog people:


I’m sorry that it has taken quite some time after the game to post something, but I have actually been quit pissed off and in a bad mood after the game and wanted to think things through before I said anything.

The whole team is of course extremely disappointed about getting knocked out but it was a great atmosphere in Houston and I personally also thought it was really cool that President George Bush was in the stands.

The game itself was more of a brawl then a nice game to watch I guess. Being on the pitch it clearly felt that it was going to be someones mistake or luck/bad luck that would be the decider of the game in the end. Unfortunately that was the case as the goal was discussed after the game and they say it is quite clear from the TV pictures that it was a handball.

But with that said I don’t want to take anything away from Dynamo as they are a very good team and I wish them all the best for the rest of the playoffs!

So basically what he's saying is that Dynamo are fine, but the win was illegitimate and the goal came as a result of a handball (I presume he means on Mullen, but in Ljungberg's brain, you know, this could mean anything). So, good win you cheaters.

This is amazing. You know, I was just starting to think that my harsh comments about Seattle in the previous post were out of proportion, but now. Truly, truly amazing. What a Ljoser Ljerk.

I'm just speechless here. I had a lot of respect for that guy and his play on the field, but this is incredible. I'm "quit pissed off" too Freddie, but not for, I think, the same reasons.

I was sitting right in front of the whole thing and the out of focus Telefutura vid gives a misleading impression. The ball skipped off Levesque’s head and off the back of Mullan’s clavicle/side of his head area to bounce back towards Ching. It was the freakiest thing you’ll ever see, very Magic Bullet. The camera angle does show Mullan’s arm/elbow up along the line of the ball, but TeleFutura’s Zapruder film/video quality is so bad it’s deceiving. The ball was not a handball, just a weird deflection from near the shoulder area. It’s similar to when De Rosario scored one off his face a year or so ago.

Ljungberg can say what he wants, and you will not see me defending that field, but two days after that game is not the time to call the loss illegitimate, which he implies. But whatever, more spice for next year’s games, eh?


Rawkmedicine said...

Sounders fan here.

I had no idea there was even an alleged handball - I’ve played soccer all my life and have won and lost games on goals like that - i.e. not spectacular but timely.

Good luck to you guys. I love Freddie Ljunberg, he speaks his mind and is passionate. And he’ll beat you in the future, at some point. :)

Good luck in your upcoming match - I hope LA has peaked and you take them out.

suckafree said...

you're that pissed about what he may or may not have "implied"?? lord almighty get a job

Jesus said...
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Anonymous said...

Another Sounders fan here. I doubt Ljungberg thought your goal was illegitimate beyond his (ongoing) complaints with the refereeing & their tolerance of the fouling on him. And they should have called some of those.

Your guys played a great match & I hope you take home the MLS Cup.

Martek said...

Despite anything I said at any point, Sounders fans are great, far, far better than Cubs fans. You guys contributed so much to the league this year and I think MLS as a whole is a better place for it.

I cannot wait for 2011 and you get your blood rival from Portland in the league with you, as well as Vancouver. Back in the day when it was all active, the three way NBA Texas rivalry was unbelievably fun.

I look forward to baiting Ljungberg again. In the regular season game that was here that finished in a draw Ljungberg was fantastic! I am so glad that guy didn't show up this past Sunday.

Just trying to add some spirit to it all. Hope no one was offended.

Anonymous said...

It certainly does appear to be a hand ball, but Ching had an amazing one touch goal.

Soccer is a game of luck, skill and passion. The Dynamo had them all this game. The Sounders were unlucky!

I am SOUNDERS till I die!

Martek said...

And I think you are going to get to root for a lot of wins while you do that up there in Seattle. Hard to imagine much of a better start for a franchise (other than ours in 2006 and Chicago in 1998 of course!).

Once you get that three-way rivalry going up there, that is going to be one of the ongoing great stories in North American sport!