Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Luck classy. The city and county? Not so much

So yesterday and today there has been a rash of stories about the impending deal regarding the construction of Dynamo Park. Best review of all stories here.

No reason to go over all of those stories, but there is one particular storyline I am finding inescapable and highly disturbing. One one side we have Oliver Luck saying, "Hey, we've got financing. We've got 90 percent of this deal done. It's looking amazingly positive and we can probably start this fall."

Then you have the city saying " " which is he sound of one hand clapping also emanating from Sylvia Garcia's office. And then El Franco Lee following up with "We got nothing. I got no plans. Wha?"

So the questions I have are:

What the you-know-what are the city and county doing with this? Oliver Luck was offering positivity and inclusion. How hard is it for the city and county, no matter the actual state of the deal, to say: "Things are indeed looking positive. We've got a few issues to iron out still and no deal is done yet. But we're really looking forward to working with the Houston Dynamo on this deal and finding common ground." There now, is that so difficult?

What in the world are those clowns thinking? A little positivity can go a long way here.

The thing is, they are not stupid. They responded the way they did for a reason. What reason? What do they gain from looking like a bunch of hard asses? With what group?

Second, I'd like to give big kudos to Oliver Luck for offering a gold-plated handshake. Just because the city and county responded like a bunch of stumblin' and bumblin' 2-year-olds is no reason not to stay positive. That guy is now and always has been pure class.

Stay positive and classy in all this Oliver. Show these goofuses how it's done.

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