Monday, March 16, 2009

Kamara suspended for two games

This just moved on the AP wire:

NEW YORK (AP) — Houston Dynamo forward Kei Kamara has been suspended for his team's first two regular-season games and fined $500 by Major League Soccer for "inappropriate" comments to an official following a preseason match on Feb. 15.
He will miss games against Columbus on Sunday and San Jose on March 28.

This Kamara suspension is horseshit pure and simple. It has to do with his continuing feud with Nick Garcia and it flaring up during that preseason game out there. Did Garcia get suspended? No.

Total and complete nonsense. I hope, and I mean this in a totally nonviolent way of course, that someone picks up where Kamara left off in the San Jose game and educates Garcia about what it means to feud with a Dynamo.

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mister3d said...

Way to go Kei. Keep it up and welcome to the black hole that is Kinnear's doghouse. He may be there already.

Still a suspension stemming from preseason? If that holds then shouldn't mullan be serving some time for the February brek shea beat down?

I think kinnear should start wondo next to ching and forgo all the silly player positional chess moves (mullan up top blah blah blah). this is why he's on the team . If needed play chess at halftime.