Friday, September 5, 2008

Nice art, but what does it all mean?

Now that is one very fine fake photo, don't you think? (It's actually an enhanced (in more way than one, if you ask me) version of the HDC, site of Dynamo's third championship postgame celebration.) Unfortunately, I can not take credit for it, which goes instead to the excellent blog The Original Winger.

The link brings you a great post of Sept. 1 about the state of Dynamo Park negotiations.

My official position is still "Give me a signed deal and I'll start thinking about it again." but if the only sticking point is getting $10 million from Harris County, and commissioner (and Dynamo season book holder Sylvia Garcia), we all really have every reason to feel optimistic. Still, sign the deal and I'l feel good. Until then.......

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