Monday, September 22, 2008

Becks is the man

You know. my estimation of David Beckham goes up every time I see more of him. The guy is an ultimate competitor, and his defense of Marc Burch here illustrates that.

There's no way that's a red card, even though I think Burch is a punk overall. Becks' defense of him is a slap in the face to MLS officiating, and a well-deserved one at that. Good thing it wasn't Abi Okalaja, though, or Burch and 2 or 3 DCU players who weren't within 30 yards of the play would have been sent off as well.


iammrben said...

While, as a DCU supporter, I'm pretty bitter about this red card, I will agree with you that Beckham's reaction was a very classy one. It heartens me to see someone who, by all rights, should have a massive ego due to his fame and not give two shits about others, actually think about bigger picture and carry himself with decorum and respect.

Well done, sir!

Martek said...

I absolutely agree with you on that. The look on Burch's face of stunned, slack-jawed surprise pretty much sums up the whole call. And Becks' reaction was pure class.

That being said, what in the world is going on with DCU? I've never seen such a wildly inconsistent team.