Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I do NOT like Ike, but I do love these golazos

The storm blew and blew here at Nutmegged World Headquarters, and even though Dynamo will somehow have to fit a rescheduled L.A. Firpo game into their criminally crowded fixture slate, Houston still is surviving well.

Power is still out across most of the area, but the energy from Brian Ching's little "Hey, we're responsible for the stars on your jersey as well as our own" performance as a late sub in drawing even with the Bay Area Wanderers last weekend ought to power up Robertson all on its own this weekend. Assuming the game is on. Word is imminent about that.

In the meantime, here's some wondergoals that I ran across while wasting my still-very-limited Internet time today. Enjoy.

And try this one at home, especially the second one!:

And of course, this great golazo from Gorgeous Giorgio was a sight to see:

Then finally, just for grins, there's this one, which has a nicer result than the real thing!

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