Friday, October 16, 2009

The World Cup qualifying road 2009

And here, courtesy of duNord, are highlights from each game in the Hex. This is my final US Soccer post before completely switching my attention to Dynamo and MLS Cup.

What's your favorite goal/moment?

Dos a Cero

The beginning of the late comeback trend that was so helpful to all of our cardiologists this year.

Who knew that Timmy Howard lived in Memphis? I didn't until the USMNT beat T&T in the Music City.

When they finally blow up Saprissa Stadium, can I be there? Can I push the plunger? And can I just award a Nobel for Great Contributions to the Beautiful Game to whoever does actually blow this place to smithereens?

More comebackery and cardiology.

My favorite moment was Charlie Davies' smooth finish here. But if Davies had gotten his head to Holden's late cross, it would have come in second.

I think I'm going to just give my heart surgeon the keys to my bank account.

And down goes Warneristan.


For you CD9. And how many children in Honduras will be named Jonathan Bornstein now?

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