Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Props where props are due: FC Frisco (But let's not go overboard here)

FC Dallas, of all teams, are starting to get some major run, first for their improbable run to the brink of a playoff berth (Hey don't laugh. How great would it be to play those guys in the first round?) and the second for hosting a viewing of US v Honduras at Robertson North on Saturday night.

As for the first, I still don't see it happening. The Friscites play at San Jose tonight, and while the Trembles are missing Arturo Alvarez, Ramon Sanchez and Simon Elliott to World Cup qualifying (the first two to El Salvador and the third to New Zealand. Raise your hand if you knew that a woeful team like San Jose had three internationals on their squad!), I still fancy their chances of holding serve at home.

dallas will be missing los dos thuggos Atiba Harris and Andre Rocha, which means that team might actually play something vaguely resembling a clean game (Hey, it can happen, right?). And even though Jeff Cunningham has been so far off the planet as a goalscorer I expect to see him on the International Space Station firing on target any day now, I really see a draw here.

And here's the thing, a draw basically ruins both teams. San Jose is all but eliminated from the playoffs right now, and anything other than a win will knock them right out in fact. For dallas, a draw might as well be a loss as the road then gets even steeper for them. So my official pick is a 1-1 knot with Wondo and Cunningham (hey, right now it's bigger than all of us) both scoring.

As for hosting a USMNT viewing party in their house, all I can say is, good show FC Dallas. The team is claiming that PHP is the only place in all of the DFW area to have an English-language broadcast of the game, which I find something waaaay north of amazing. Keep this up and you might start resembling a real soccer team.

That is, if they can outdraw the crowds the Richmond Arms and Stag's Head Pub will get individually Saturday night.



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