Friday, July 3, 2009

Open Cup win redux and some love for Jonathan Yardley

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Thanks to the Dynamo for posting this video sequence from the win over the Austin Aztex earlier this week. I was stuck here in Houston for the game, but listened to Jonathan Yardley call it on KBME.

I have to say, that Yardley is excellent on the radio. If you've not had a chance to listen to the guy call a game, he's everything you want. Smooth, keeps the focus on the game, constantly updates the minute and score (in the old Red Barber with an egg timer style) and works the booth alone, so no constantly propping up a color guy. We could be seeing a major soccer broadcasting talent aborning here with the Houston Dynamo.

Saturday night, I may just turn the sound down on the TV and turn up the radio to listen to JY.

And I have to say, JY is right. Akinbiyi got robbed on that offsides call. That twice he's gotten robbed on offsides calls that should have been goals (The one in NY being the other).

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