Monday, June 8, 2009

Seven things to think about for the week

(Posting this video is horrifying to my son, to which I say, if you can't embarass your kids, then as a parent, you're just not trying hard enough!)

After a nice weekend of soccer, here are seven random thoughts heading into the week:

1. It's looking increasingly as if only an injury to someone else will get Wade Barrett back on the field. Is Captain Wademerica done? And if so, a long term thought on this point, could he be John Spencer's heir apparent should Spence ever get a No. 1 job?

2. I understand MLS' long-held and oft-stated position on scheduling opposite international games, but can they not make an exception when it comes to the US Men's National Team? The two games played Saturday night were Chivas/Seattle and Rapids/RSL. Could those games not have been played earlier in the day? This is ridiculous.

3. Rico Clark showed the form against Honduras that we have come to expect week in and week out here in Dynaland. He was the Man of the Match for denying two almost-certain scoring chances. He saved the US.

4. Mexico is in deep, deep trouble. If they just draw in any of their home games, they are done. Three points in four games? This is a team that wanted to get out of CONCACAF to join CONMEBOL remember? Right now, they might wind up being the fifth-best team in the region. They're the Newcastle United of CONCACAF and have only themselves to blame.

5. Heard people say Dynamo were lucky to get their win in Chicago last Friday, and that may be so as Nyarko missed two sitters. However, Chivas was also lucky to get a win at the HDC with Jaqua doing similarly before he got his red. Sometimes, you get lucky, which is one of the elements of any unbeaten streak.

6. FC Useless have not lost since they were at Robertson Stadium, a four-game unbeaten streak. But have you seen any of the quality of those games? Last weekend's was the worst yet, managing only a 2-2 tie at home against the Trembles in front of their customary gathering of front office staff and passers-by. That franchise is, deservingly, in serious trouble. If the Hunts weren't the owner, how quickly would this team have moved to either San Antonio or St. Louis? Maybe they still should. What do you think?

7. Very much looking forward to Wednesday night and am seething with jealousy for those who made it up to Chicago last weekend and will be going to Frisco this weekend. My spirit will very much be with them, though my body will be here in Houston. Pick for Wednesday night: Tough, tight, chippy 2-0 Orange win.

And here's another nice video for you all:

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