Friday, June 12, 2009

Quick picks for the weekend

OK, starting this weekend off already 1-0 is a nice, nice way to begin, let me tell you.

It just continues my roll, where I finished 4-4 last week, good for a nice (or at least nicer than it has been) 33-51 mark. (not including Dynamo's solid win against the las chivitas).

So here's the weekend, as I see. Not much time to go into much detail. And as always, if you use this info for betting purposes, there are many voluntary organizations that I think you should check out for your own good.

FIRE at DC UNITED. 1-1 Tie I know everyone's looking for this to be the stellar clash between the beasts of the east. Godzilla vs. Mothra and all that. But you know, Chicago played well against us and has had a week to lick the wounds of going 0-for-Texas after going 0-for-Frisco the week before (Those two are not the same thing and we all know it). The Fire are good, make no mistake, and DCU will miss Emilio and Olsen more than the Fire will miss Soumare and Prideaux. Mister White scores in his return to the Fire lineup.

DYNAMO at FRISCO. Don't insult me. 2-1 Orange. We take a wounded animal for granted at our peril, but that being said, Dynamo will close these guys out. Will the fans in orange outnumber the FC Worthless front office staff at Robertson North? Probably not, but the mere fact that we're having this conversation says loads.

REVOLUTION at WIZARDS. 2-1 New England. KC missing too many to hold off this improving side. Will Twellman play? If no, how far has that guy fallen since the whole Preston North End fiasco?

RSL at GALAXY. 2-0 LA. I said I would no longer pick RSL and I mean it, even against this team.

EARTHQUAKES vs. SOUNDERS. 3-1 Seattle Wondo scores meaningless goal in the second half. This could be Yallop's swan song. Maybe we can find a slot for him in the Orange front office.

las chivitas at CREW. 2-1 Columbus Schelotto will be too much for that back line. Jorge Torres? You have got to be kidding me. With two games in hand, Dynamo tie Chivas in points and never look back.

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