Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midweek musings, scattershot style

Wow, what a week that was, in no particular order:

The Turks... Petr Cech... Ching's brace, then hat trick, then brace again but in a different way... 8-0!!!!...Couldn't Matt Reis have been called up before last Thursday rather than the day after? He's the best freakin' goalie in North America. Guzan who?... Ching released back to Dynamo today... Whoopee, now can we get teh Canadians to do the same for DeRo and Onstad?... Michael Ballack's blast to sink Austria and his trash talk afterwards. Clearly, repeated airings of The Sound of Music are getting to Ballack and he's had enough... El Tri barely beats Belize??! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bienvenidos a Mexico Sven.... Borgetti to Dynamo rumor. Say it ain't so Golden Boy. Please..... Telling my son on Father's Day no less at the 85 minute mark: "Petr Cech is one of the best keepers in the world. Watch him back there. He's in total control." Thanks Petr. Thanks a lot..... A wild, funky, weird Euro tournament... Viva Oranje! (Euro edition)... The Turks!!!... Matt Reis' from the gut holler after stopping Stuart Holden's brain dead shot to the left... (Non-soccer note) Tiger Woods' win with a bum knee was beyond amazing... Thierry Henry's career as one of the world's best is now officially over, not that Barca seems to know that... The Turks should win Euro 08, if for no other reason than to give the other half of Crete something to celebrate after Euro '04... Yes, but Holland have it in the bag now.

Work is once again taking up most of my time this week and for the next couple of weeks to come so that's the most you'll see from me today. More to come when I get to it.

In the meatnime, this is cracking me up from Coldplay's Chris Martin as reported by the always astute SF over at The Offside Rules:

Q:"What do British people do when they have finished winning the World Cup and the European championships?"

A: They turn off the Playstation."

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