Thursday, June 5, 2008

The big blue and white

Well, with Dynamo getting rained out last night (and does anyone have video of that, by the way? I can't seem to find any.) in DC, the big highlight from yesterday was Argentina's 4-1 shellacking of Mexico in San Diego. (Great story about it here.)

The best headline I saw was from Luis Bueno's Siddeline Views: "Sven me from the mess."

Erikkson has his hands full with that team. Too many prima donnas. No cohesiveness. And now they expect to all come together under a guy who is just now in the process of learning Spanish (though to be fair, when he learns it, it'll be, what, his sixth tongue?)? El Tri is in dire straits.

Next up for the Argies is our very own U.S. Snakes Sunday at Giants Stadium. Hopefully, all that goal scoring in San Diego tired them out, or it could be the capper of a very long two weeks for the US squad. Will the US finally score in the run against the big three of England (2-0), Spain (1-0) and Argentina? I don't want to seem unpatriotic or anything, and it pains me in the extreme to write this, but if I had to bet, I'd have to say the chances don't look good.

Still, go US! I'm with you all the way.


Daryl@Offside said...

The U.S. is utterly shocking at the moment, to be fair I actually thought we would win against England, But zero goals from both Spain and England? Wow...this is not good and I hate to say it but I may have to throw my support back behind Canada! The lack of Donovan is extremely apparent and that is never a good thing...

Martek said...

Yeah, I agree Daryl. I'm not surprised to go 0-2 against England and Spain on their home ground, but to be shut out and look bad doing it was not something I expected.

I haven't heard whether or not Lando will be available for the Argentina game. Do you know?