Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Third jersey? If Fredy the Flopper can wear one, anyone can wear one better

That right there is Fredy the Flopper in Seattle's new third jersey, kind of a Mountain Dew, making-love-in-a-canoe ("you-know-what-ing close to water) yellow thing. You can read about it at this link right here.

In this very space, there have been many discussions about Dynamo potentially unveiling a third jersey. And if I'm remembering right, someone even worked up a mock uni with a predominantly light blue color scheme.

Let me just say right now that I completely down with that idea and would love to see one if for no other reason because let's face it, if those guys in Seattle, who think they are somehow or other God's gift to the American game, are doing it, anyone else can do it better.

To be clear, I don't hate Seattle. I just hate the attitude that permeates the fans of that organization. I for one cannot wait until Portland and Vancouver come into the league so that the Sounder fans will have to suffer the fate of not even being the best team in the Pacific Northwest. Though of course, since the Timbers beat those guys on March 11, isn't that true already?

Of course, there's nothing I can write that's better than what Dan Loney posted. Awesome. "ridiculous garbage" Amazing.

And of course, Fake Sigi has it best:

"No. Just. Say. No."

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