Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worried? Who's worried?

David Agrell at the MLS Insider says Dom's not scared, so why should anyone else be? Well, to look further into that question after reading Agrell's great piece (see it here), I think there are no reasons why DYNAMO fans should be scared. But the rest of the league? They may just start seeming to the team like each of them looks like a certain Harris County Commissioner.

Agrell's piece itself is a little dated, as Diouf, Walker, Kaku and Saiko are all gone now. But Francisco Navas, about whom I will be shocked if he does not make the team, and Lovel Palmer are still in the potential mix. As for Palmer, I'm hoping to see him against the Aztex on Sunday (what, you have other plans for what will be a beautful late winter afternoon in Houston?), but anyone who scores against FC Frisco is a gentleman and a scholar in my book. And by the way, we haven't had that Caribbean feel on the team since honorary Reggae Boyz (Far North Chapter) member Dwayne De Rosario was here!

So here's hoping both Palmer and Navas make it. One thing's for sure, it'll bring some youth and perhaps durability as well to what is suddenly no longer an aging squad.

Here's the article from Agrell in text form:



Houston boss Dom Kinnear has admitted his club is still in the hunt for a midfielder, despite boasting a roster stacked with veterans and
sprinkled with upstart talent.

The Orange (no, not the Oranje that yesterday trampled all over poor ol’ USA — and former Dynamo star Stuart Holden in particular) are
facing a 2010 campaign sans attacking midfielder Holden and defensive
general Ricardo Clark.

So, what about that holding position that Clark defined last season?

“We have Richard Mulrooney, who has played there before, and he’s one of the guys we missed at the stretch of the end of last year,”
Kinnear said. “I think Geoff Cameron can play in there, and he can also
play as an attacking midfielder.”

Cameron as an attacking midfielder? Cool — wouldn’t we all love to see more of those marauding runs?

“I hope that this year [Cameron] will be able to get a little more free and score some goals,” Kinnear added. “In saying that, you don’t
want him thinking every time he gets the ball he can run forward and
score goals. You want him to be involved in the build up. It’s
important that he does have some discipline in his game.”

Oh, ok. Maybe not all of us. Kinnear again:

“We’re also in the market looking for someone who can play in the midfield as well.”

Ka-ching! So, who have they had in camp this preseason? Who’s on the radar?

The breakdown:

Khadim Diouf (two-time All-Pac-10 Honorable Mention at San Diego State) … LĂ©andre
Griffit (French player who last suited up for Crystal Palace) … Samuel Appiah and David Walker (draft picks) … Blessing Kaku (well-traveled Nigerian with awesome name) … Francisco Navas (straight from the Dynamo Academy) … Shaun Saiko (Canadian U-20s with time at Middlesborough) … Lovel Palmer (a Jamaican who, according to, is a “fleet-footed player [who] will run all day for the good of his team.”)

And let’s not forget 20-year-old Danny Cruz, who’s been in top form in preseason.

All told, something tells me the ‘Mo are going to be all right this season. More from Kinnear:

“It’s difficult, but it’s comforting to know that if the season were to start, we’re not exactly looking at a huge hole. There are people we
can put in the whole that I feel can do a good job there.”

‘Nuff said.

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