Sunday, August 3, 2008

An old-fashioned beat down

Just came back from the Dynamo/Columbus game. Like I said up top, an old-fashioned beat down. (Here's a running account from Bernardo Fallas.)

Columbus was not without chances in the second half, but that's why Pat Onstad, bless his 40+-year-old Canadian self, is still one of the top keepers ever to play in this league, to stop those chances cold, and in the most dispiriting fashion possible.

What might have gotten lost in the goal scoring and strong up front play was the play of Rhode Island rookie Geoff Cameron in central defense. Physical, aggressive, ranging all over the field, the young man is making a name for himself in this league. Alejandro Moreno in particular, while nursing his bruises tonight, must be thinking "What must I do?" Cameron, a third round SuperDraft pick mind you (which brings up a whole other discussion for another time on what is the SuperDraft really), is the real deal.

And if you missed it, here you go:

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